WWII United States Army Air Force General Paul Tibbets

Paul Tibbets

Army Air Corps / Army Air Force / 1937-1966

Widely recognized as a superior aviator, Brigadier General Paul Tibbets was chosen to head 509th Bombardment Group based on Tinian.

Tibbets guided the development of the flight profiles and procedures that were utilized on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic missions, and was the pilot of the Enola Gay for the Hiroshima mission.

Tibbets retired from the Air Force in 1966 after 29 years of distinguished service to the United States.

11 April 1991 / 1000 Hrs

Photograph of WWII United States Army Air Force veteran General Paul Tibbets

foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose | afterword by Senator John McCain

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