WWII Okinawa United States Marine Corps veteran Bill Leyden

Bill Leyden

Marine Corps Rifleman / 1943-1946

Serving in K-3-5, 1st Marine Division, Leyden was an infantry veteran of both the Peleliu and Okinawa battles.

A robust and powerful man, it is hard to believe that jungle combat once reduced Leyden to 130 pounds. Wounded on Peleliu and hospitalized for three months, Leyden re-joined K-3-5 for the battle for Okinawa, was further wounded, and evacuated from Okinawa with severe injuries.

He has made careers of professional golf and automobile sales.

08 April 1991 / 1500 Hrs

Photograph of WWII United States Marine Corps veteran Bill Leyden

foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose | afterword by Senator John McCain

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